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There are few urban centers so rich in late antique archaeology as Corinth, the city near the Isthmus of Greece. Excavations there since  by staff and students of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens have generated an enormous corpus of information related to the Roman forum and its surroundings. Other major projects in the region carried out by Greeks and Americans especially have shed light on Corinth’s harbors, Isthmian sanctuary, fortifications, Christian basilicas, and rural sites and villas. Collectively, archaeology has produced such rich evidence for Late Antiquity in this region that a barrage of specialized studies over the last generation have effectively overturned old historical narratives of urban decay


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Pettegrew, D. K. (2020). Review: Corinth in late antiquity: a Greek, Roman, and Christian city, by Amelia R. Brown. Studies in Late Antiquity, 4(3), 362–366.