The educators of the Department of History at Messiah frequently publish and present quality scholarship in their field and in the context of their vibrant Christian faith.


Submissions from 2018

Review: The Ancient Greek Farmstead, David K. Pettegrew

Submissions from 2016

Preaching the Word in Season and Out: The Portrayal of Missionaries in Contemporary Fiction, Larry Poston and Kathleen O’Sullivan

Submissions from 2015


The Donation of Zeno: St. Barnabas and the Modern History of the Cypriot Archbishop'S Regalia Privileges, Huffman P. Joseph


Writing a World History of the Anglo-Gorkha Borderlands in the Early Nineteenth Century, Bernardo A. Michael

Not Going Gentle into that Good Night: Science and Religion in the Face of Death, Larry Poston and Pamela Code

Submissions from 2014


Book Review: Princely Brothers and Sisters: The Sibling Bond in German Politics, Joseph P. Huffman

The Diolkos and the Emporion: How a Land Bridge Framed the Commercial Economy of Roman Corinth, David K. Pettegrew

Submissions from 2013


Using the Past to "Save" Our Nation: The Debate Over Christian America, John Fea

Taking Mobile Computing to the Field, S. B. Fee, David K. Pettegrew, and William R. Caraher


Book Review: Peacemaking in the Middle Ages: Principles and Practice, Joseph P. Huffman

The Kahal, Zawiya, and Monastic Multiplexes: Informational Centripetalism as Medieval Mission, Larry Poston and Linda Poston

Submissions from 2011


The Diolkos of Corinth, David K. Pettegrew

The Word and Words in the Abrahamic Faiths, Larry Poston and Linda Poston

Submissions from 2010


Towers and Fortifications At Vayia in the Southeast Corinthia, William R. Caraher, S. James, and David K. Pettegrew


Regional Survey and the Boom-And-Bust Countryside: Re-Reading the Archaeological Evidence for Episodic Abandonment in the Late Roman Corinthia, David K. Pettegrew

Evaluating “A Common Word”: The Problem of “Points of Contact”, Larry Poston

Shrewd as a Snake, Innocent as a Dove: The Ethics of Missionary Dissimulation and Subterfuge, Larry Poston

The Second Coming of ‘Isa: an Exploration of Islamic Premillennialism, Larry Poston

The Breath of Life: Christian Perspectives on Conception and Ensoulment, Larry Poston and Lindsey Disney

Submissions from 2009

The Breath of Life: Christian Perspectives on Conception and Ensoulment, Larry Poston and Lindsay Disney

Submissions from 2008

Surveying Late Antique Cyprus, William R. Caraher, R. Scott Moore, and David K. Pettegrew

A Common Word?’ Reflections on Christian-Muslim Dialogue, Larry Poston

Mesih ve Kültür (Christ and Culture), Larry Poston

Re-Thinking ‘Career Missions’ in Light of Paul the ‘Short-Term Missionary, Larry Poston

Submissions from 2007


Making Territory Visible: the Revenue Surveys of Colonial South Asia, Bernardo A. Michael


The Busy Countryside of Late Roman Corinth: Interpreting Ceramic Data Produced by Regional Archaeological Surveys, David K. Pettegrew

“Emperyalist” Misyonerlik? (Missionary Imperialism?), Larry Poston

Submissions from 2006


Siteless Survey and Intensive Data Collection in an Artifact-Rich Environment: Case Studies From the Eastern Corinthia Greece, William R. Caraher, Dimitri Nakassis, and David K. Pettegrew

Peace on Earth, Good Will Toward Men? The Rituals of Warfare in Judaism, Christianity and Islam, Larry Poston

You Must Not Worship in Their Way: When Contextualization Becomes Syncretism, Larry Poston


The Eastern Korinthia Archaeological Survey: Integrated Methods for a Dynamic Landscape, T. F. Tartaron, T. E. Gregory, D. J. Pullen, J. S. Noller, R. M. Rothans, J. L. Rife, L. Tzortzopoulon-Gregory, R. Schon, William R. Caraher, David K. Pettegrew, and Dimitri Nakassis

Submissions from 2005

Interfacing with ‘The Next Christendom', Larry Poston

Submissions from 2003


The Way of Improvement Leads Home: Philips Vickers Fithian’s Rural Enlightenment, John Fea

Submissions from 2001


Chasing the Classical Farmstead: Assessing the Formation and Signature of Rural Settlement in Greek Landscape Archaeology, David K. Pettegrew

Femininity Versus Feminism: Contemporary Islamic Perspectives on the Essence of Womanhood, Larry Poston

Submissions from 2000

Cultural Chameleon, Larry Poston

Islam as ‘The Middle Path', Larry Poston

Submissions from 1999


Putting the Amish to Work: Mennonites and the Amish Culture Market 1950-1975, David Weaver-Zercher

Putting the Amish to Work: Mennonites and the Amish Culture Market 1950-1975, David Weaver-Zercher

Submissions from 1995


Documentary Evidence of Anglo-German Currency Movement in the Central Middle Ages: Cologne and English Sterling, Joseph P. Huffman

Christian Reconstructionism and the Christian World Mission, Larry Poston

Submissions from 1994

The Educational Philosophy of Ignatius of Loyola: A Reply to James Davison Hunter, Larry Poston

Submissions from 1993

When ‘Zero’ Doesn't Mean Zero, Larry Poston

Submissions from 1992

Should the West Stop Sending Missionaries?, Larry Poston

Submissions from 1991

Banishing Boredom, Larry Poston

Becoming a Muslim in the Christian West: A Profile of Conver­sion to a Minority Religion, Larry Poston

The Future of Da’wah in North America, Larry Poston

Submissions from 1990

The Adult Gospel, Larry Poston

Submissions from 1989

Lessons from the Leesburg Manor Apartments, Larry Poston