The Discipline of Family Science and the Continuing Need for Innovation

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The discipline of family science is entering a new phase, the evaluation and innovation stage. With shrinking academic budgets and threats of departmental dissolution or mergers, it is imperative for administrators of family science programs to be able to articulate the distinctiveness of the discipline, the worth of the unique skills and perspectives afforded by family science programs, the challenges affecting the field, and the solutions and resources necessary to propel family science to new levels of relevance and application. This article reviews the history of the development of the field of family science and then reports survey results from representatives of family science programs related to each of these matters. Innovative strategies for advancing the field and family science programs are discussed.


Hamon, R. R., & Smith, S. R. (2014). The discipline of family science and the continuing need for innovation: Family science and innovation. Family Relations, 63(3), 309–322. https://doi.org/10.1111/fare.12068