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When I (Paul) first obtained Willard’s book The Divine Conspiracy, I could not help but notice the attractive painting of two ripe plums on the cover. “What a nice touch,” I thought. “A fine painting—a little color, artistic shapes, and angles. It grabs my attention.” But after feasting upon the wisdom behind this finely decorated cover, I came to appreci-ate the symbolism of fruit on the tree. In The Divine Conspiracy, Willard gives maturing Christians an opportunity to reconceptualize their place in the kingdom of heaven. As a fitting completion to Willard’s wisdom-filled “trilogy on the spiritual life” (p. xvii), The Divine Conspiracy stresses discipleship to Jesus as the heart of the gospel message. He challenges the reader to set aside common misconceptions, what he calls “consumer Christianity” and “bumper-sticker faith,” to reclaim one’s present position in “the kingdom among us.”


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Johns, P., & Sandage, S. J. (2000). A conspiracy revealed: The divine conspiracy (by Willard, D.) Book Review in Journal of Psychology and Theology, vol. 28, 327-329.