Parents as Resources When Adult Children Divorce

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Older parents continue to function as family resources to their adult children, especially when these children are coping with major life problems. Fifty-two parents (54 to 87 years of age), were asked to reflect upon ways in which they were helpful to their children during the dissolution of their children's marriages. Taxonomical analyses of the qualitative data revealed that virtually all of the parents needed their children in one way or another. Although parents provided advice sparingly and with some trepidation, most freely offered emotional support. Frequently cited modes of instrumental assistance included provision of financial support for basic needs, attorney fees, or mortgage payments; housing; and childcare.


Hamon, R. R. (1995). Parents as resources when adult children divorce. Journal of Divorce & Remarriage, 23(1–2), 171–184. https://doi.org/10.1300/J087v23n01_11