The educators of the Department of Human Development and Family Science at Messiah frequently publish and present quality scholarship in their field and in the context of their vibrant Christian faith.


Submissions from 2019


“Show Me Your Family and I Will Show You Mine”: An Activity for Immersing Students in Family Development Theory, Raeann Hamon and Amanda G. Strong

Submissions from 2018


Sing for the Moment: A Choral Ensemble for Persons with Dementia and their Care Partners, Raeann Hamon, Rachel Cornacchio, and Abigail Young

Submissions from 2017


Family Science as Translational Science: A History of the Discipline, Raeann Hamon and Suzanne R. Smith

Submissions from 2016


What Do You Have to Offer Me?”: A Relationship Building Activity for Demonstrating Social Exchange Theory, Raeann Hamon and Katherine S. Bull

Submissions from 2015


“My Life as a Family Therapist”: A Journaling Method for Teaching Systems-Based Family Therapy Theories to Undergraduates, Paul A. John, Rachel L. Kreiger, and Caroline M. Hurff

Submissions from 2014

The Discipline of Family Science and the Continuing Need for Innovation, Raeann Hamon and Suzanne S. Smith

Submissions from 2013


Two Thumbs Up: Using Popular Films in Introductory Aging Courses, Raeann Hamon

The Elder Service Partner Program, Raeann Hamon and Julie Guistwite

Submissions from 2011

Understanding Student Attitudes About Majoring in Human Development and Family Science, Raeann Hamon

Submissions from 2010

Bahamian Family Life as Depicted by Wives Tales and Other Old Sayings, Raeann Hamon

Parents as Resources When Adult Children Divorce, Raeann Hamon

Submissions from 2009

The Family Folklore Album: Using the Power of Stories to Engage Students in Family Science, Raeann Hamon and Erin Boyd-Soisson

Submissions from 2008

Parents' Experience and Adjustment to Their Adult Children's Divorce, Raeann Hamon and Laurel Cobb

Integrating Intergenerational Service-Learning into the Family Science Curriculum, Raeann Hamon and Carol Way

Submissions from 2006

Weaving Technology and Non Technology in the Family Science Classroom: Using the Best of Both Worlds to Meet Student Learning Styles, Raeann Hamon, Debra Berke, and Tawny Smay

The Elder Mentor Relationship: An Experiential Learning Tool, Raeann Hamon and Deborah Koch

Submissions from 2004

A Collaborative Venture: Messiah College Adds a New Major in FCS, Raeann Hamon and Debra Berke

Submissions from 2003

A Comprehensive Approach to Program Development and Assessment, Raeann Hamon and Debra Berke

Submissions from 2002


Avoidant Personality Styles: Hiding from What You Need the Most, Paul A. Johns

Submissions from 2000

A Conspiracy Revealed: The Divine Conspiracy (by Willard, D.), Paul A. John and Steven J. Sandage

Submissions from 1992

Filial Role Enactment by Adult Children, Raeann Hamon

Submissions from 1990

Filial Responsibility Expectations Among Adult Child–Older Parent Pairs, Raeann Hamon and Rosemary Blieszner