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© 2019 With the continued growth of the numbers of veterans in nursing programs, faculty need to be aware of how to best facilitate their learning and build on their diverse experiences and expertise. Understanding how veterans transfer learning from the military context to an academic context is crucial for nursing education. The findings of this qualitative descriptive study support that veterans transfer learning from their military experience to their nursing education. Eleven veterans comprised the sample. The themes were: Embracing and living core professional values, Learning from a team-based framework to achieve a common goal, Learning how and when to communicate with faculty and healthcare members, and Incorporating learned behaviors into everyday professional practice. One recommendation for faculty included gaining basic knowledge of military culture and how that influences veterans once they transition to civilian life. The study findings can help faculty to build on previously acquired knowledge and enrich the learning experience for students and faculty. Ultimately, this may help to recruit and retain veterans in nursing programs; thus, impacting the global workforce.


Patterson, B., Elliott, B., & Chargualaf, K. A. (2019). Understanding learning transfer of veterans in baccalaureate nursing programs: Their experience as student nurses. Nurse Education in Practice, 39, 124–129.


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