Language Goals and Standards in a Dual Language Immersion Program

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A dual language immersion program offers many benefits to students as they learn in more than one language and gain a greater understanding of people and cultures. A successful dual language immersion program should be driven by clear goals and standards, best teaching practices, and the unique needs of the students in order to develop well-rounded language learners. Christian School Kandern, a dual language immersion school in southwest Germany, lacked overarching language goals as well as language standards for their English language learners. In order to meet the needs of the students and further the development of the school’s programs, several steps were taken. First, I created language goals to provide vision and direction for the language program at the school. Next, I reviewed several state standards and organizational standards, and used these for guidance in the formation of the school’s language standards. Finally, I developed a curriculum map to record instructional practices that align with the given standards. The documentation of goals, standards, and teaching practices will provide teachers with vision and direction while working with a variety of students in a bilingual setting. The creation of clear goals, language standards, and a documented curriculum will help to support teachers at Christian School Kandern in their instruction and ensure that students are continually progressing in their language development.

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