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This research review and student-centered manual explores the findings and assertions of various studies relating to the antecedents and trends of grief among adolescence with learning disabilities. The meta-analysis explores numerous peer-reviewed journal articles and accredited studies in an attempt to gain a greater understanding of the current landscape of youth sadness, with a special focus on youths with learning disabilities. As multiple studies have indicated, overwhelming grief and disability harassment is a serious problem plaguing American youths. The reviewed literature also indicated that youths with learning disabilities are at a greater risk of experiencing prolonged episodes of sadness. Although the literature as a whole believes that that youth stress and emotional grief is increasing, there is conflicting information concerning how well current identification and treatments are working. By comparing various peer-reviewed journal articles discussing the various antecedents of youth grief, this researcher sought to gain a better understanding of overall points of focus when discussing trends sadness in youths with learning disabilities. The researcher synthesized the acquired information into a practical, student-centered manual that strives to support students with learning disabilities experiencing grief.