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Fall 2021

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Master of Education (MEd)



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Dr. Janet DeRosa

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Dr. Jan Dormer


The problem that has been chosen is technology in the family and consumer sciences (FCS) classroom. Being such a hands-on class, there is a lack of technology. This is a problem in today’s technology-driven society. Technology is all around us every day and can be a useful tool if used consciously and correctly. Technology is being integrated into other subjects, but it seems as if FCS classes are falling behind. With hands-on lessons such as cooking and sewing, there is a need for more technology to be used. Technology skills are useful for all students and finding meaningful ways to incorporate it into FCS classes will grow the students’ knowledge. An FCS teacher’s job is to teach students to be productive members of society and to make meaningful decisions to improve their quality of life. As technology keeps growing, these are life skills that are important for students to have. This project is a creation of 6 lesson plans for a cooking unit that incorporates technology into the classroom setting.

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