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This threefold study uses a criterion-based analysis research approach to explore the best practices in addressing the need for reevaluations for preschool children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). The study focuses on differentiating the characteristics of preschool children with and without ASD, recognizing indicators of ASD that warrant re-evaluation, and exploring protocols for when the need of a reevaluation is suspected. Data was collected through a literature review and analyzed using a criterion-based analysis grid. Upon completion of the criterion-based analysis an underlying theme, was discovered, namely, that, within the four domains of early childhood, maturation can impact an ASD prognosis, thus, warranting a reevaluation. The criterion-based analysis also revealed two theories: the seesaw theory and the theory of developmental metamorphism. The study ends with a discussion of current research limitations and suggestions for future research to further the understanding of the evaluative process for preschool children with ASD.