The educators of the graduate program in Education at Messiah frequently publish and present quality scholarship in their field and in the context of their vibrant Christian faith.


Submissions from 2018


“Language Immersion”, Jan Dormer

Submissions from 2017


Busting Myths about English Language Learners, Jan Dormer

Is Higher Education Ready for Responsive Teaching, Maude S. Yacapsin

Tech in College: The Transition from High School, Maude S. Yacapsin

Submissions from 2014

English Language Learners in Christian Schools, Jan Dormer


Review: Christian faith and English language teaching and learning: Research on the interrelationship of religion and ELT, Jan Dormer

Student-Led Inquiry in Pre-Service Field Placements: iPad Technologies Empower Future Teachers, Maude S. Yacapsin


Graduate Student Preferences for Practicing Faith in Online Coursework, Maude S. Yacapsin

Submissions from 2013

Improving speaking accuracy through awareness, Jan Dormer

Passport to adventure: Explore B, Jan Dormer


Faith: A New Component within Differentiated Instruction, Maude S. Yacapsin

Submissions from 2012

Passport to adventure: Explore A, Jan Dormer

Shared competence: NEST/NNEST collaboration that benefits all, Jan Dormer

Submissions from 2010


A diverse EFL program for both seminary and community students, Jan Dormer

I can! Bringing self-evaluation to a task-based syllabus for language learning success, Jan Dormer


Integrating skills in a communicative EFL textbook for Christians, Jan Dormer

Review: Christian and Critical English Language Educators in Dialogue: Pedagogical and Ethical Dilemmas, Jan Dormer


Strength through difference: Optimizing NEST/NNEST relationships on a school staff, Jan Dormer


Self-Care for the Student Teacher, Maude S. Yacapsin

Submissions from 2009


Language Development for MKs, Jan Dormer

Where can I get my shoe fixed?: Authentic tasks for students in EFL settings, Jan Dormer

Leadership Profiles of College Professors, Maude S. Yacapsin

Submissions from 2008

Not in Kansas anymore: Contrasts and influence in Indonesia, Jan Dormer

Submissions from 2007


Relationships between Native and Non-native English-speakers for Missions, Jan Dormer

When Teachers don’t Speak English, Jan Dormer

Submissions from 2006

Lack of Native Speakers not the Problem, Jan Dormer


Teacher Learning in a School-University Partnership: Exploring the Role of Social Trust and Teaching Efficacy Beliefs, Jennifer L. Fisler and William A. Firestone

Submissions from 2003


A Decade of Charter Schools: From Theory to Practice, K. Bulkley and Jennifer L. Fisler

Submissions from 2002


Politics, Community, and Leadership in a School-University Partnership, W. A. Firestone and Jennifer L. Fisler

Submissions from 2000


Sex Differences on the SAT: An Analysis of Demographic and Educational Variables, J. W. Young and Jennifer L. Fisler