The Gamer Culture: An Exploration of Gamer Archetypes and Their Relationship with Coping Strengths

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The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship between gamer personality types, preferred coping strategies, and levels of resiliency as a means of beginning to understand the psychological factors making up the gamer culture. This study used a demographic questionnaire, the BrainHex Gamer Personality Test, the Coping Strategies Inventory Short Form, and the ER-89 Ego Resiliency Scale to assess participants. Chi Square analyses were used to explore gamer personality types relationship with coping strategies, a Median Test was used to compare personality types to resiliency levels, and Multiple Regressions were used to explore whether a person's coping style mediated the relationship between personality and resiliency level. The result of these analyses was that there was no significant relationship between personality type, coping strategy, and resiliency levels, with the exception of a moderate negative relationship between engagement coping and resiliency.