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Due to the rapid growth of children and the complexity of myoelectric technology, children are often not given the same opportunities to use myoelectric prosthetics as adults. The Muscle Activated Prosthesis (MAP) team is working to create an affordable, transradial myoelectric prosthesis for a twelve-year-old girl. The basic mechanism by which this device operates is as follows: a muscle contraction emits an electrical signal that will be detected and processed through a microcontroller. Then the onboard software determines whether the hand opens or closes based on the level of muscle intensity. If the software determines to close or open the hand, a signal from the microcontroller is sent to linear actuators that control the tendon system running through the fingers. Currently the team has a working prototype that we plan to give to our client in the fall of 2020 to test.

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Forearm design for a myoelectric prosthetic hand