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The Covenant Christian Academy Civil Design team has partnered with Covenant Christian Academy (CCA) in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania to improve the utilization and safety of the facilities at the rear of the main building. The team worked with David Sonju, Headmaster at CCA and client representative for the school, to achieve two major goals for this project. The first goal was to redesign the rear parking lot to create a grass recreation area while integrating the remaining paved area into an improved student drop-off/turn-around. The design considered stormwater run-off and drainage, including conversion of impervious area to pervious area. The second goal was to design a portico/covered walkway structure that connects the rear entrance of the main building to the entrance of the Fine Arts Building. The design incorporates a combined straight and curvilinear steel-frame support structure, and a truss roof support system with steel decking. The team will provide its design work to CCA and their design consultant, H. Edward Black and Associates, Ltd., to finalize the required construction drawings and obtain professional approvals to build the project.

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