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Currently about 1% of the world population (~70 million people) have a stutter considered a fluency disorder. Some fluency assistance devices are available for this population, but most are highly expensive or unreliable. Fluency Assistance Device (FAD) seeks to assist a niche community of these individuals for whom therapy has been unsuccessful but are currently depending on a device originally known as the Edinburgh Masker. FAD aims to redesign the masker to be more comfortable for the end user. FAD is developing versions 1.1 and 2.0 of the improved masker. Version 1.1 will update the original masker circuitry with surface mount devices. This will allow a slimmer circuitry enclosure, and enable upgrades of the original as requested. Version 2.0 will use Bluetooth technology and a microcontroller to achieve masker functionality with software code. FAD is now finalizing Version 1.1 and beginning Version 2.0.

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Fluency Assistance Device