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When I agreed to review three volumes of poetry in the DreamSeeker Poetry Series, a series from DreamSeeker Books devoted to publishing "Anabaptist-related poets," I came to the task fairly certain of what I would find. Most of the poems would be of the brief, narrative variety. Of these, many if not most would concern themselves with family history, with what it means to be a Mennonite in these modem times, and with personal questions of faith and doubt. A good number of the poems would feature stem-looking women who spend most of their time canning and baking and cleaning, all while never once complaining. Lastly, the poems would be written in the first-person, plain, free verse style best described as unassuming. I'm happy to report that I was only about half right.


Originally published as:

“Dallas Wiebe, Cheryl Denise, and Shari Wagner,” Review of three books of poetry in Brethren in Christ History & Life 28.3 (2005)