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Brené Brown is a researcher and author who has written several bestsellers and whose 2010TEDx talk has been consistently in the top five in the history of the organization, among many of her other accolades. Her research about vulnerability and authenticity is the foundation for all of these projects. In this paper, the author will examine Brown’s academic work, books, and also several speeches and podcasts to suggest some of her contributions to computer mediated communication. Specifically, this analysis focuses on communication in the “hyperpersonal” (Walther, 1996) and how connection or disconnection may occur as part of the cognitive dissonance (Festinger, 1957) that takes place in these interactions as users encounter challenging ideas. This research analyzes Brené Brown as a Christian communicator and makes a case for the invaluable contributions that she has made to a greater understanding of computer mediated communication.


Presented at the National Communication Association Annual Convention:

Dunbar, B. (2019, November) Brené Brown, “Wholeheartedness” and the Hyperpersonal. Paper presented at the National Communication Association Annual Convention, Baltimore, MD.

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