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  • Works as a checklist for quality program design during initial drafting of a complete IEP.
  • Works as a tool to evaluate quality of an IEP written by others. Helpful in auditing to determine which if any parts of an IEP may need revisions.
  • Useful for both pre-service and in-service special educators, as well as for special education administrators.


Permission to Use: These instruments are published here for access and use by any interested educators. Additional permission is NOT required from the instrument author. Dr. Burchard would appreciate being informed about how this instrument is found useful by others, and about how it works in scholarly studies.

Scholarship about the IEP Quality Inventory: This instrument was initially reported publicly at the 2019 International Convention of the Council for Exceptional Children: Burchard, M.S., Hegman, R., Kasper, L., and Rossi, O. (2019). Writing IEPs that guide intervention practice. Every Child No Limits. 2019 CEC International Convention, Indianapolis, Indiana.