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I have two points to make concerning Jurgen Herbst’s provocative piece, one responding to his view of our discipline’s past and the other outlining an alternative view of a viable future. In Herbst’s account of the past, which, I should add, is shared by most everyone who has much knowledge at all of the topic, the historiography of education was until the 1960s entirely moribund, swaddled by a narrow focus on national, formal school systems. But a glorious deliverance was provided by the great scholar Bailyn Cremin, who in 1960 and thereafter freed educational historians from their functionalist, ed school shackles and set them on the firm path of real academic history. There ensued a golden age of fruitful research, novel methodologies, spirited debate, and influential publications. But by the 1980s the sun was beginning to set and now we are in the twilight of an era wondering if there will ever be another dawn.

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