Disarming the Church


Disarming the Church



If Christians follow the Prince of Peace, why do they often behave so violently? What can be done to transform the church so that it looks more like Jesus? Eric Seibert explores these questions in this important and timely study. He builds a biblical and practical case for living nonviolently in all areas of life and urges Christians to reexamine their most fundamental attitudes toward violence, warfare, and killing. Through true stories and careful analysis, Seibert demonstrates that it is possible to resolve conflict, correct injustice, and stop oppression without resorting to violence. Many nonviolent alternatives are discussed throughout the book, alternatives that can be used in a wide range of situations, from dealing with an unwanted intruder at home to removing a dictator from power. In a world filled with so much violence, hate, and fear, alternatives like these are desperately needed. This book offers hope that a better way is possible, one that has the potential to transform the church and change the world. So read on and join in! ""You may feel, as I do, that Christianity is at a historic crossroads, choosing between the 'two masters' of violence and nonviolence. In stark and sane contrast to those who defend and even promote violence in the name of God, Christ, and the Bible, Eric Seibart's Disarming the Church represents the state of the art in accessible Christian scholarship regarding nonviolence. It should be required reading for every pastor, seminarian, and Christian of conscience, especially in a country whose capacity for catastrophic violence is unprecedented in history."" --Brian D. McLaren, Author of The Great Spiritual Migration ""Violence is one of the most pressing concerns of our time. Particularly troubling is the violence espoused and expressed by people of various faith traditions, Christianity in particular. Eric Seibert has written a bold, provocative, and prophetic book that critiques Christianity's stance on and contribution to violence in our world. He also shows us how to become non-violent ourselves. Everyone who is serious about ushering in the reign of God must read this stunning book!"" --Carol J. Dempsey, Professor of Theology at University of Portland, Oregon Eric A. Seibert (Drew University) is Professor of Old Testament. He has training and experience in conflict mediation and enjoys speaking about how to read the Bible nonviolently, in ways that promote peace. His two most recent books are Disturbing Divine Behavior: Troubling Old Testament Images of God (2009) and The Violence of Scripture: Overcoming the Old Testament's Troubling Legacy (2012). Eric lives with his wife and three children in Grantham, PA.



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Disarming the Church