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Covid-19 I hate you!

I hate you for the havoc you have created, and I hate you more for the terror you have spread.

Recently my daughter had a fever and vomiting. The moment she fell sick we all were in a panic, first of all for her recovery, and secondly for my old parents who live with us.

I am very thankful to our health care workers, who we all know are working day in and day out to save lives. But, my personal experience made me respect them even further. The nurse and nurse practitioner I dealt with, on the virtual app, were caring, empathetic, and diligent. They wanted to get her tested since we have older adults in the house. We got her tested for Corona and thank God she tested negative. However, in our town, it takes five days to get back the results. The five days we had to wait for her results were torturous. We had to make sure that she was kept isolated, but we also had to take care of her. There was direct contact, and as much as we wanted her to get better, we also had the fear of who would get sick next. The major scare was what if her condition gets worsened? What if her breathing gets affected? What if it gets to the point that she would have to be on a ventilator. There was no stopping of the what-ifs!

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Reflection on COVID-19 on my blog