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It’s quite a time right now, isn’t it? We, as a collective society, have not dealt with this kind of pandemic, so we’re feeling all kinds of emotions – fear, anxiety, helplessness. The COVID-19 crisis has affected me physiologically, mentally, socially, and spiritually. I am hyper aware of where I put my body in public. I have less contact with public objects like park benches and shopping carts. I wash my hands a lot more. It’s been quite the adjustment living back at home with my family and doing school work around them. I feel like I don’t have as much personal space, but I have gradually overcome that frustrated feeling as I bonded more with my loved ones. Because of the way I look, I have been a victim to multiple racist comments at my school and in the public. My family has also dealt with outright racist remarks in public either while we’re walking around the lake or shopping around in the grocery stores. This pandemic has exacerbated racism and its fear-mongering tactics of hatred against Asian-Americans and Asians all over the world. Also, it has disproportionally affected communities of color in this country in ways that some people don’t care to recognize. Our country needs to come together and do our part in flattening this curve – by staying home, social distancing, washing hands crazily – not by protesting for the freedom to get a haircut. I believe that the proclaimed idea of our individualism has been hurting the common good.

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Carrollton, TX

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pandemic, COVID-19, quarantine, experience, reflection

Disaster Reflection



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