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Project Open Access

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Master of Music (MM)


Music conducting

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Dr. Bradley Genevro


Chapter 1: Celebration Tribalesque, by Randall D. Standridge, pg. 2
Chapter 2: "Nimrod" from Enigma Variations, by Edward Elgar, arr. Alfred Reed, pg.
Chapter 3: Daedalus' Labyrinth, by Sean O'Loughlin, pg. 37
Chapter 4: Lightning Field, by John Mackey, pg. 56
Chapter 5: "Mambo" from West Side Story, by Leonard Bernstein, arr. Michael
Sweeney, pg. 7 4
Chapter 6: Prairie Dances, by David R. Holsinger, pg. 91
Chapter 7: Alchemy, by Andrew Boysen, Jr., pg. 110
Chapter 8: Symphonic Suite, by James Clifton Williams, pg. 130
Chapter 9: Vesuvius, by Frank Ticheli, pg. 161

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