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Pliable. Come, neighbor Christian, since there are none but us two here, tell me now further, what the things are, and how to be enjoyed, whither we are going.

Christian. I can better conceive of them with my mind than speak of them with my tongue; but yet, since you are desirous to know, I will read of them in my book.

Pliable. And do you think that the words of your book are certainly true?

Christian. Yes, verily, for it was made by him who cannot lie. [Titus 1:2]

Pliable. Well said; what things are they?

Christian. There is an endless kingdom to be inhabited, and everlasting life to be given us, that we may inhabit that kingdom forever. [Isa. 45:17; John 10:28–29]

—John Bunyan, The Pilgrim’s Progress


Dixon, D. N. (2012). The second text: Missionary publishing and bunyan’s pilgrim’s progress. International Bulletin of Missionary Research, 36(2), 86–90.