The educators of the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at Messiah frequently publish and present quality scholarship in their field and in the context of their vibrant Christian faith.


Submissions from 2002


Effects of Surface Morphology on the Anchoring and Electrooptical Dynamics of Confined Nanoscale Liquid Crystalline Films, Alison Noble, Hye J. Kwon, and Ralph G. Nuzzo

Submissions from 2001


Assembly and Characterization of SAMs Formed by the Adsorption of Alkanethiols on Zinc Selenide Substrates, Alison Noble and Ralph G. Nuzzo

Submissions from 2000


Surface Effects on the Dynamics of Liquid Crystalline Thin Films Confined in Nanoscale Cavities, Alison Noble, Ralph G. Nuzzo, and Renée M. Blanchard