Training, Transforming, and Transitioning: A Blueprint for the Christian University

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With respect to students, Christian universities have at least three interrelated missions or aims: training, transformation, and transition. That is, their role is to educate or train students to be excellent in their field, to facilitate the transformation of students' worldview and character, and to transition students into their vocational calling. This article briefly examines the dimensions of training and transitioning, and then looks more deeply at student transformation as it may be the principal distinctive of a Christian school. The article proposes six conditions necessary to enable the transformation process. © 2012 Taylor and Francis Group, LLC.


Zigarelli, M. (2012). Training, transforming, and transitioning: A blueprint for the christian university. Journal of Research on Christian Education, 21(1), 62–79. https://doi.org/10.1080/10656219.2012.661245

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