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Many thanks to Dov Fischer and Hershey Friedman, the authors of “Psalms: Lessons for a ‘Tone at the Top’ Based on Trust and Justice,” for a very interesting and timely article. I am pleased that my own article, “Proverbs: Ancient Wisdom for Contemporary Organizations” (Dose, 2012), published in the JBIB, sparked the ideas presented in “Tone at the Top.” My goal in the Proverbs paper was to conduct an inductive study of Proverbs to find themes related to business. The assumption was that organizational members, particularly leaders, who follow the set of principles that Proverbs advocates, bring about beneficial organizational outcomes. A model of trust adapted from Mayer, Davis, and Schoorman (1995) and Zand (1972) tied together those principles in a coherent way, suggesting that effective leaders demonstrated the three components of trust: benevolence, ability, and integrity.


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Dose, J. J. (2014). Spreading the “tone at the top” throughout the organization. Journal of Biblical Integration in Business, 17(1), 35-40.