Islam as ‘The Middle Path'

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Spring 4-1-2000


This article describes an observable pattern in Western converts’ journey to Islam. It shows how at an early stage in their life, many Westerners are disenchanted with their religion, Christianity or Judaism, and proceed to explore radical alternatives including new age religion, eastern religions and even various cults. Their search for spiritual and religious identity is usually not satiated by these alternatives and so they gradually gravitate toward Islam. The author argues that in Islam these converts find reason, order, meaning, and a contemporary relevance that is missing in western as well as eastern religions. It is the opportunity to traverse the “Middle Path,” familiar yet new, similar yet different, which the author suggests may well be the reason why these “seekers” eventually find whatever they are looking for in Islam.


Originally published as:

Poston, L. (2000). Islam as “the middle path.” American Journal of Islam and Society, 17(1), 85–99. https://doi.org/10.35632/ajis.v17i1.2085