At Messiah University, our faculty come from a wide range of schools and experiences, are they are all committed to our students and their development. Educators foster spiritual, philosophical and theological reflection that enables individuals to develop and deepen Christian commitment, interpret matters of faith intelligently, and minister to others with wisdom and compassion.


Submissions from 2022


Words Empty and Hollow? The Brethren in Christ Church and the Challenge of Race, 1967-1975, David Weaver-Zercher

Submissions from 2021


Sympathy and Disfavor: The Brethren in Christ Church and Civil Rights, 1950-1965, David Weaver-Zercher

Submissions from 2019

Feelings: Discipleship that Understands the Affective Processes of a Disciple of Christ, Tamara L. Anderson

The Fine-Tuning Provides Evidence for God’s Existence, Robin Collins

A House United: How the Church Can Save the World., Richard Crane

Enslaved Imaginations, Richard Crane


Enslaved Imaginations: The [Pelagian] Heresy of Market Fundamentalism and Christian Moral Discernment, Richard Crane

Rethinking the Grammar of the Atonement: Forgiveness, Judgment, and Apocalyptic Recapitulation, Richard Crane

Howard Thurman's Jesus: Recovering a Disinherited Identity, Emerson Powery

Submissions from 2018

The Argument from Physical Constants: The Fine-Tuning for Discoverability, Robin Collins

Submissions from 2017

The Teleological Argument, Robin Collins

Submissions from 2016

Methodological Theism, Robin Collins

Saving our Souls from Materialism, Robin Collins

The fine-tuning for discoverability, Robin Collins


Method, MacIntyre, and Pedagogy: Inviting Students to Participate in Theology as a Living Conversation, Richard Crane


Nonviolent Action: What Christian Ethics Demands But Most Christians Have Never Really Tried (Review), Richard Crane


Preaching the Word in Season and Out: The Portrayal of Missionaries in Contemporary Fiction, Larry Poston and Kathleen O’Sullivan

Submissions from 2015

Ecumenical, Academic, and Pastoral Work: 1931–1932, Richard Crane


Not Going Gentle into that Good Night: Science and Religion in the Face of Death, Larry Poston and Pamela Code

The foundational efficiency of love: Reconciling with Aquinas, Sharon L. Putt

Submissions from 2014

Extraterrestrial intelligence and the incarnation, Robin Collins

Nature as a Source of Non-Conflictual Mimetic Desire, Robin Collins

The Connection Building Theodicy, Robin Collins

The Religious Roots of Ernest L. Boyer's Educational Vision: A Theology of Public Pietism, Douglas Jacobsen and Rhonda Hustedt Jacobsen

When God Smites: Talking with students about the violence of God in Scripture, Eric A. Seibert


When God Smites: Talking with Students about the Violence of God in Scripture, Eric A. Seibert

Submissions from 2013

Modern Cosmology and Anthropic Fine-tuning: Three Approaches, Robin Collins

The Fine-Tuning Evidence is Convincing, Robin Collins


The Kahal, Zawiya, and Monastic Multiplexes: Informational Centripetalism as Medieval Mission, Larry Poston and Linda Poston

Special forum roman slavery and the new testament: Engaging the work of keith bradley, Emerson B. Powery

Submissions from 2012

Non-Violent Atonement, Robin Collins

Response to Peter Van Inwagen, "Causation and the Mental", Robin Collins

The Fine-Tuning of the Cosmos: A Fresh Look at Its Implications, Robin Collins

Theism and Naturalism, Robin Collins

Michael Legaspi’s The Death of Scripture and the Birth of Biblical Studies: A Review Essay., Richard Crane

Submissions from 2011

A Scientific Case for the Soul, Robin Collins

Prayer and Open Theism: A Participatory, Co-Creator Model, Robin Collins

The Energy of the Soul, Robin Collins


Ecclesial Faithfulness, Christian Political Engagement, and the Recovery of the Apocalyptic Theological Imagination of Jim Wallis’s the Call to Conversion, Richard Crane

Salvation Is a ‘Group Project’: An Ecclesial Imagination, Richard Crane


The Word and Words in the Abrahamic Faiths, Larry Poston and Linda Poston

Submissions from 2010


Evaluating “A Common Word”: The Problem of “Points of Contact”, Larry Poston


Shrewd as a Snake, Innocent as a Dove: The Ethics of Missionary Dissimulation and Subterfuge, Larry Poston


The Second Coming of ‘Isa: an Exploration of Islamic Premillennialism, Larry Poston

The Breath of Life: Christian Perspectives on Conception and Ensoulment, Larry Poston and Lindsay Disney


When Does Human Life Begin? Conception and Ensoulment, Larry Poston and Lindsey Disney

Anabaptists, David L. Weaver-Zercher

Submissions from 2009

Divine Action and Evolution, Robin Collins


God and the Laws of Nature, Robin Collins

The Teleological Argument: An Exploration of the Fine-Tuning of the Universe, Robin Collins


Counter-Cultural Communities: Baptistic Life in Twentieth-Century Europe, Richard Crane


Explosive Devices and Rhetorical Strategies: Appreciation for Steven R. Harmon’s Towards Baptist Catholicity, Richard Crane


How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Inverted Spectrum, Timothy Schoettle

Submissions from 2008

Contributions from the Philosophy of Science, Robin Collins


Modern Physics and the Energy-Conservation Objection to Mind-Body Dualism, Robin Collins

The Teleological Argument, Robin Collins

Introduction, Douglas Jacobsen and Rhonda Hustedt Jacobsen

Postsecular America: A New Context for Higher Education, Douglas Jacobsen and Rhonda Hustedt Jacobsen

Talking about Religion, Douglas Jacobsen and Rhonda Hustedt Jacobsen

Why Faculty Find It Difficult to Talk about Religion, Douglas Jacobsen and Rhonda Hustedt Jacobsen


A Common Word?’ Reflections on Christian-Muslim Dialogue, Larry Poston


Mesih ve Kültür (Christ and Culture), Larry Poston


Re-Thinking ‘Career Missions’ in Light of Paul the ‘Short-Term Missionary, Larry Poston

Under the gaze of the empire: Who is my neighbor?, Emerson Powery

The shocking non sequitur, Tim Schoettle

Submissions from 2007

Argument from Design, Robin Collins

A series of three contributions to God or Blind Nature?:Philosophers Debate the Evidence, Robin Collins

The multiverse hypothesis: A theistic perspective, Robin Collins

The Teleological Argument, Robin Collins


“Emperyalist” Misyonerlik? (Missionary Imperialism?), Larry Poston

Submissions from 2006

The design argument: Between science and metaphysics, Robin Collins


The Many-Worlds Hypothesis As an Explanation of Cosmic Fine-Tuning: An Alternative to Design?, Robin Collins


Peace on Earth, Good Will Toward Men? The Rituals of Warfare in Judaism, Christianity and Islam, Larry Poston

You Must Not Worship in Their Way: When Contextualization Becomes Syncretism, Larry Poston

Submissions from 2005

Design and the Designer: New Concepts, New Challenges, Robin Collins


How to Rigorously Define Fine-Tuning, Robin Collins

'Hume, Fine-Tuning and the ‘Who Designed God?’ Objection, Robin Collins

The many-worlds hypothesis as an explanation of cosmic fine-tuning: An alternative to design?, Robin Collins


Ecclesial Discipleship and the Unity of Spirituality and Social Justice, Richard Crane

A response to the Pneuma essays on faith and scholarship, Douglas Jacobsen and Rhonda Hustedt Jacobsen

Contours and Contexts of Christian Scholarship, Douglas Jacobsen and Rhonda Hustedt Jacobsen

Living the Questions of Learning and Faith, Douglas Jacobsen and Rhonda Hustedt Jacobsen

More Than the "Integration" of Faith and Learning, Douglas Jacobsen and Rhonda Hustedt Jacobsen

Pentecostalism and the academy, Douglas Jacobsen and Rhonda Hustedt Jacobsen

Scholarship and the Varieties of Christian Faith, Douglas Jacobsen and Rhonda Hustedt Jacobsen

Scholarship Defined and Embodied, Douglas Jacobsen and Rhonda Hustedt Jacobsen


Interfacing with ‘The Next Christendom', Larry Poston

A Modest (Though Not Particularly Humble) Claim for Scholarship in the Anabaptist Tradition, David L. Weaver-Zercher

Submissions from 2004


Theism or Pantheism? A Review Essay on John Leslie’s Infinite Minds: A Philosophical Cosmology, Robin Collins

Submissions from 2003

Evidence for fine-tuning, Robin Collins

Evolution and Original Sin, Robin Collins

The teleological argument, Robin Collins

Postliberals, Truth, Ad Hoc Apologetics, and (Something like) General Revelation, Richard Crane


Review of A. James Reimer, Mennonites and Classical Theology, Richard Crane

The spirit, the scripture(s), and the gospel of mark: Pneumatology and hermeneutics in narrative perspective, Emerson B. Powery

Submissions from 2002

Design and the Many-Worlds Hypothesis, Robin Collins

God, Design, and Fine-Tuning, Robin Collins

Submissions from 2001


An Evaluation of William A. Dembski’s The Design Inference: A Review Essay, Robin Collins

The Centrality of Christ, Discipleship, and the Church’s Struggle for Justice and Peace, Richard Crane

United Church of christ response, Douglas Jacobsen