Annular Bone Growth in Phalanges of Five Neotropical Harlequin Frogs (Anura: Bufonidae: Atelopus)

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Skeletochronological studies were conducted on museum specimens representing five species of the highly threatened Neotropical genus Atelopus (Bufonidae). We detected annular bone growth (expressed as lines of arrested growth [LAGs]) patterns in each species, and this might provide insight to understand demographic constituency in future studies. In four of the five species under consideration, LAG counts in fore and hind limb bone occurred in a 1:1 ratio, indicating that bone growth was consistent within each individual. The use of skeletochronology in understanding historic and existing populations of Atelopus might assist in situ and ex situ population managers in making informed strategic conservation plans. © 2012 Departamento de Ciências Biológicas.


Lindquist, E., Redmer, M., & Brantner, E. (2012). Crescimento do osso anular de falanges de cinco espécies de anuros neotropicais (Anura: Bufonidae: atelopus). Phyllomedusa: Journal of Herpetology, 11(2), 117. https://doi.org/10.11606/issn.2316-9079.v11i2p117-124